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Good News!: We managed to get ahold of a charger last night, which is what we needed to make the computer start working again.

Bad News :(: We don’t know how long we’re going to have this charger before we have to give it back to the person it belongs to. But it might just be long enough to make a trip over to Cancun to get a new one. In which case we won’t have to leave you hanging again.

We do apologize but we’re back!

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Still working on it

We just wanted to let everyone know we’re still here and we’re still working on bringing you guys as much of the normal posting schedule as possible.

Our wordpress application for the iPhone has decided it wanted to go the way of the computer and needless to say has not been cooperating and poresto.net doesn’t work with the iPhone either.

We’re going to have to go oldschool and actually buy a newspaper ..

Today is Taco Tuesday so we’ll try our best to bring you that as well as the weather report (it’s gorgeous out btw) but we ask that you just be patient with us because we really are trying !

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Technical difficulties

We are having some major technical difficulties in the form of a dead computer. We will try to bring you as much of the normal content as possible until we have replaced the failed equipment.

The news room will consist of just headlines with a few quick summary points as writing out a large summary for each article is a bit arduous on an iPhone. Bare with us we’ll do our best to bring the people what they want!

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Spanish Saturday

Ok So we missed our TGIF post for yesterday. Sorry.. šŸ˜¦

Anyway it’s Spanish Saturday and we’re going to give you some vocab for today.

In honor of Isla’s participation in the basketball tournament, and their win last night today is sports themed vocabulary

Field/Court = Cancha (KAHN-Cha)

Ball = pelota (pay-LOW-ta)

Players = jugadores (hoo-ga-DOOR-es)

Baseball = beisbol

Basketball = basquetbol or baloncesto (Bahl- own – SESTO)

Football = futbol (foot- bowl) Americano

Soccer = futbol

Out = fuera (Fuay-ra)

Strike = strike ;-P

There is plenty more some can be found here

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Weather Report

Weather Report: Beautiful

Temperature: 84 F as of 12:06 pm

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That’s New Thursday

So this isn’t really new, and it’s not permanent, but if you’re on the island it’s probably something interesting to check out on an evening walk around town.

We played some foosball and enjoyed looking at the little knick knacks for sale. There’s also a funny little gambling game involving picture dice. We didn’t play but we probably should have.

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Weather Report

Weather Report: The usual

Temperature: 83 F as of 8:45 am

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