On why we don’t go to Cancun

Well good news, we’ve managed to solve the news issue, and even when we’re relegated back to the iPhone we will be able to bring you the news. There’s one catch.
It will be posted on this blog.

The short and sweet version of why, is because we cannot edit our website on the iPhone. There is of course a more technical explanation but it doesn’t really matter.

We’re sure there a bunch of our readers wondering why in earth we just don’t march ourselves on over (or in this case boat? ourselves) to Cancun and buy ourselves a new charger.. well because we just don’t want to.

Once you live on Isla long enough you just don’t want to go to Cancun anymore. Until there comes that day when you just NEED to go to Cancun, whether it’s because your Cancun list is so long that you just can’t stand it anymore, or because you haven’t stepped foot off the island in the past 4 months and you’re going stir crazy. We are facing neither one of those situations.

Going to Cancun can be refreshing, but most of the time it’s like stepping into the gates of hell. Traffic, buses, death by heat, and then lugging all your purchases back to Isla is something we put off as long as we possibly can, and we know many others who do the same. Of course, sometimes it doesn’t get any better once you get to Isla.. the time that the Ultramar workers dropped all of our purchases into the ocean as they were unloading the boat comes to mind.

So our faithful readers, in light of the evidence. Cancun (and the computer charger) will just have to wait.


About uptodateisla

Just another Isla resident bringing island info to the masses. You can expect to find daily photos, news, weather reports, restaurant openings and closings, special event postings and the occasional sunset photo. If you want to see something on here, request it and perhaps it will show up :)
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