Fire Dancer

In keeping with our theme today of street performers we wanted to share with you this video of a street performer named Angel. He’s a fire dancer who’s been on the island for a while now, every year he seems to get better and better.


About uptodateisla

Just another Isla resident bringing island info to the masses. You can expect to find daily photos, news, weather reports, restaurant openings and closings, special event postings and the occasional sunset photo. If you want to see something on here, request it and perhaps it will show up :)
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One Response to Fire Dancer

  1. ronda says:

    Yeah, I was wondering about plane travel w stilts!?! He didn’t have anyone w him collecting tips. The woman w the ring of fire hula hoop is pretty fascinating, too! Tho she needs to quit carrying that big jug of gasoline clutched to her shirt when walking between gigs. eeek..

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