Ferry Service From Florida to Progresso

We received this information from Kris, and wanted to share it here. If you’re anything like us you’ve probably wished there was an easy way to get a car here, if you were planning on spending a few months out of the year in the Yucatan. But, quickly dismissed that idea as soon as you realized that you’d have to drive down through the border areas of the US and Mexico.

Years ago there was a car ferry service that left from Florida and went to Progresso, it was discontinued but now there are people working to bring it back.

This is the email:

Please disregard this if you’re not interested or have already received the notice.
Most residents of Merida & “Snow birds” would love to see the ferry service from Florida to Progresso return!

Now, we just might get our wish — as soon as November! IF IF IF there is enough interest.

If you’d like to have your car here to use in Merida, but NOT like to drive from the North, the FERRY is for you! We need to get information to the investors before their meeting next week, so please answer the questions — just type right on this email, or copy & paste it to another email form.

BE SURE to return it to: tamarainprogreso@gmail.com

Please reply by email to tamarainprogreso@gmail.com and answer the following questions:
1. How many people are in your “group”?

2. How many months of the year do you live in the Yucatan?

3. Will you use a ferry service if it is available from Tampa, FL to Progreso, Yucatan?

4. If so, how many times a year would you use this service?

5. Will you bring a vehicle on the ferry?

6. If so, what kind of vehicle? IE. car, SUV, RV, motorcycle

7. Are you interested in cargo shipment?

8. Are you interested in pet service?

9. Do you want your email address on a mailing list with news of the ferry service and other Progreso news?

So to summarize, if you are at all interested in a service like this, answer these 9 questions, in ALL CAPS and send the answers to tamarainprogreso@gmail.com with the subject line Subject: Possible FERRY Florida to PROGRESSO

We at Up to Date Isla think this is a great idea and would probably utilize it if it were an option. We’ll be sending our answers out today 🙂


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Just another Isla resident bringing island info to the masses. You can expect to find daily photos, news, weather reports, restaurant openings and closings, special event postings and the occasional sunset photo. If you want to see something on here, request it and perhaps it will show up :)
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