Spanish Saturday!

¡Bienvenidos, it’s Spanish Saturday!

Last week Katie asked us to include some adverbs and adjectives and how to use them, so that’s what we’re going to do today!

An adjective is just a word that describes something- age, color, appearance.. etc.

If you’re anything like us and you don’t know what an adverb is, we looked it up 🙂 An adverb modifies verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.

So anyway enough with the English lesson, it’s time for Spanish!

Many times “mente” can be added onto a word to make it an adverb, words like:

Actualmente (ahk-too-al-men-tay) = actually

Inmediatamente (in-med-ee-at-a-men-tay) = immediately

Realmente (Ray-al-men-tay) = really

Rápidamente (Rap-eed-a-men-tay) = quickly

Cuidadosamente (Kweed-ad-oh-sa-men-tay) = carefully

Absolutamente (abso-loot-a-men-tay) = absolutely

Frecuentemente (Fray-kwen-ta-men-tay) = frequently

Raramente (Rah-rah-men-tay) = rarely

And these are just a few!– we found a great list of more here!

As far as adjectives, there is another pretty extensive list of those here, but we’ll put some of the more common ones in this post with the pronunciations.

Abierto (Ah-bee-air-to) = open

Barato (Bah-rah-to) = cheap

Dulce (Dool-say) = sweet

Fantástico (Fahn-tast-ee-ko) = fantastic

Feliz (Fell-ees) = happy

Feo (Fay-O) = ugly

Mejor (May-hor) = better

Peligroso (Pel-ee-gross-o) = dangerous

Seguro (Seg-oo-ro) = Safe


We could write a million more but this post has to end somewhere! Any suggestions for what you’d like to see next week? Let us know!


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