Spanish Saturday!

Welcome to another Spanish Saturday! Today we’ll be adding the pronunciations to the words on request 🙂

Hoy (today, pronounced “oy” — rhymes with toy) the word will be Picante

Picante means spicy. Probably one of the more important words to know when you’re in Mexico, especially if you like to eat!


Pee- cahn- tay

If you want to ask if something is spicy you can say “Es Picante?” – “Is it spicy?”

Or if you want to order food and make sure they don’t put something too spicy in their you can say “No Picante, por favor!”

Lot’s of times the waiters will let you know of something is spicy and they’ll point to it and say “Muy Picante”

Just remember even if you pronounce it wrong or don’t say it exactly right, it’s ok. The people on the island will appreciate the fact that you tried. And maybe they’ll even teach you a word or two!


Want to learn certain words or phrases in spanish? Leave us a comment telling us what kinds of things you’d like to see here!


About uptodateisla

Just another Isla resident bringing island info to the masses. You can expect to find daily photos, news, weather reports, restaurant openings and closings, special event postings and the occasional sunset photo. If you want to see something on here, request it and perhaps it will show up :)
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3 Responses to Spanish Saturday!

  1. Katie says:

    For the Spanish section, could you add some adjectives, adverbs and how to use them properly? Thank you.

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