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News Room Disclaimer: Everything written here is a translation of the news stories found in the sources mentioned below and is not the opinion of Up To Date Isla Mujeres. We just want to stress this today.

Por Esto Headlines:


Headline #1: Residents of Sac-Bajo Complain About Sad State of Sidewalks

Summary: The residents of Sac Bajo are upset that the sidewalks and road are not properly maintained. One of the responsibilities of the Public Works department is to maintain existing public areas, which has not been done in the case of Sac Bajo. Not only are the sidewalks either non-existant or falling apart but the road has huge pot holes in it. Considering that one of the most upscale hotels on Isla is located on this road as well as several large homes for rent, the road should be in better condition. The residents of Sac Bajo are asking for the municipality to come and fix the pot holes as soon as possible.

Headline #2: Excellent Long Weekend

Summary: Hotel occupancy continues to be good (about 50%), but there are hopes that occupancy will rise with the upcoming regatas organized by the Lima family. Regatas bring in a good amount of tourism, and not just with yacht companies, but with golf cart rentals, and restaurants.

The ones who are still worried though are the artisan shops and tourist services booths, who have not had a good year. One of the major problems for the artisan shops in town are the stalls that have been set up on the sidewalk across from Posada del Mar. They had originally set up shop there saying that due to construction work no one could get to their stores, so they were allowed to sell on the sidewalk. But now that construction in front of the storefronts is complete, the artisan shops in town feel that they should move back into their shops and allow people to wander through the streets (specifically Hidalgo and Juarez), perhaps letting them get some business.

Headline #3: Punta Sur Has New Image

Summary: They have taken away an old sculpture of the goddess Ixchel that was located at Punta Sur and replaced it with a new one. No one is sure what they did with the old sculpture but the art lovers on the island are hoping that they will not destroy it like they did with the old statue of the turtles that was located by the hotel Rocamar and has now been replaced with a new turtles statue.

The stall renters at Punta Sur (the ones who sell the souvenirs) are happy with the new sculpture, but wish that they had kept the old one at Punta Sur as well, perhaps moved to a different place.

The paper mentions that although there have been a number of new statues placed around the island that all of them were done by an artist in Merida. They point out that there is a sculptor on Isla that perhaps should have been the one to do the statues. But that the most important thing is that they have installed these pieces of art around the island.

Headline #4: New Military Operation

Summary: The Navy continues with their operations and yesterday were tasked with searching a boat that was docked at the dock Enrique Lima. There were about 10 of the “fuerzas castrenses” (the masked men) doing the search and also in attendance were the Port Captain and the head of INM on Isla. This all happened at about 9:30am. The boat was searched because the 4 crew were Cubans, but all their papers were in order and nothing out of the ordinary was found.

The entire community applauds the efforts being made, and feel that these operations help stop the sale of drugs, especially by minors and girls (referring the 15 year old girl that has already been detained 3 times for selling drugs.) Not to mention the sale of drugs in the night clubs. Many feel that this type of behavior has died down due to the operations.

Many businesses including hotels and restaurants applaud the efforts as well. Others wish there was a bit more information with regards to the fact that sometimes the operations scare the tourists with their large guns. But the community in general is happy with what is going on. The paper also says that any calls with information about drug dealers or illegal activity are completely anonymous and they guarantee that anyone who calls with information will not face any problems.

TV Isla Mujeres Headlines

Source: TVisla Mujeres Facebook

Headline #1: We Will Be Firm: PROFEPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Summary: Adrián Piña Luna, delegate of PROFEPA, comments that PROFEPA is very involved with the case of the damage done to the mangle in the Makax Lagoon, and the filling of the lagoon. And warns that there will be consequences for anyone who tries to cut the mangle.

Headline #2: Man Jailed for Inebriation Dies in Cell

Summary: Today, a man who had been jailed two hours earlier for public intoxication, died in his cell. The cause of death has not yet been released, and no one is sure if he had received any blows to the body. The mans name was José Ricardo Canul Valle, approximately 40 years old. The on duty officer was monitoring the Canul Valle due to his high state of intoxication and around 2:00pm noticed Canul Valle wasn’t breathing, he then called the Red Cross for medical attention.


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