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News Room Disclaimer: Everything written here is a translation of the news stories found in the sources mentioned below and is not the opinion of Up To Date Isla Mujeres.

Por Esto Headlines:


Headline #1: Destroyed Streets

Summary: The streets on Isla are in bad condition due to the lack of maintenance, making the streets look like mine fields. At Punta Sur they’ve broken the concrete to install services like electric and water, but have not fixed it which causes a bad image and hurts the island economy.

But this is the street that leads to Punta Sur, a place that has one of the best views of the Caribbean Sea. Where there was once a temple in honor of the goddess Ixchel, and where all the golf cart caravans go. For this reason there is an urgent necessity to repair the street. Por Esto was called to the street after someone called in saying that the after passing over the area in question they received a flat tire on their car.

It seems that the city doesn’t care about the situation and we don’t understand why they don’t use construction companies that do the work and then leave the streets as they found them, without holes.

Picture of area in question:

Headline #2: Lights in Colonias Miraflores, Salinia Grande and Cañotal to be Repaired

Summary: Finally yesterday morning the Public Services offices began the work to turn off the street lights that had been running 24/7. The problem was reported in the paper yesterday. This morning you could see the workers working to finally turn off the lights. The neighbors of these colonias were so happy they called Por Esto back to see that they city was actually correcting the problem.

One of these residents, señora Juana Noh said “I want to say thanks to Por Esto of Quintana Roo, because thanks to you they paid attention to us because when the truck would come around we would always tell them the problem and they wouldn’t pay attention. But now that it was in the paper they’ve fixed it quickly. And thank you to the workers who are finally fixing the lights.

Now with the lights off, it will save a lot of money, and as everyone knows, public lighting is paid by the residents of the island, and that’s why it’s our job to take care not to waste.

Headline #3: Lawsuit Against Austrian Diplomats

Summary: The case of the two Austrian Diplomats who after refusing to pay for damages done to a moped, attacked the woman in charge of the rental agency that they rented from. Yesterday morning the two employees of the rental company filed a suit against the two Austrians with the Public Ministry, as they are more than annoyed with the abuse of power of the two diplomats and with how the sub director of Tourism handled the situation. It has also been found that there have been prior incidents regarding the two Austrian men.

Olga Guadalupe Paredes García, the woman who was on the receiving end of the assault said that since the night that it happened the sub-director of tourism told her that they couldn’t do anything about it and weren’t going to file anything against them because “we live off of tourism.”

The position of the authorities is troubling to the islanders involved, who are not looking for the reparation of the damaged vehicle, but an apology for what happened. Paredes García has filed a complaint and even though the Public Ministry refused to give her a copy of the complaint she is hoping that the news media will be able to shed light on what is going on and that justice will be served.

The medical report was included in the complaint where it was sited that the two Austrians and the two women that were with them all had alcohol on their breath and that one of them, Thomas Russ, had a scrape and it is believed that he fell while driving the moped, which is what caused the damage that he refused to pay for in the first place.

Headline #4: Sanitary Filters in Schools

Summary: They have implemented procedures in the schools to remove any sick child from the school and bring them to the doctor as soon as possible to reduce the risk of spreading the germs to the other children. These procedures have helped to keep the number of cases of chicken pox and conjunctivitis down and have helped to keep Isla one of the few areas of the state where there isn’t a rise in these illnesses.

Tv Isla Mujeres Headlines:

Source TvIsla Mujeres on Facebook

Headline #1: The Navy Will Continue Operations on Isla Mujeres

Summary: The vice-admiral of the Quinta Regional Naval de Isla Mujeres says that the Navy has a great social obligation, especially with Isla Mujeres to make sure that it is safe and that they will not neglect the island.

Headline #2: The Mexican Navy Inspects Boat From US with 4 Cubans On Board

Photo from Tv Isla Mujeres



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