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News Room Disclaimer: Everything written here is a translation of the news stories found in the sources mentioned below and is not the opinion of Up To Date Isla Mujeres.

Por Esto Headlines

Headline #1:

Summary: The night of March 20th a homicide attempt occurred against the owner of Marina Paraiso, Frank A. Walton, 57 years old, who is originally from France, but is now naturalized U.S. Citizen. The attackers name is Javier Plantalamor, from Spain.

Plantalamor attacked Walton from behind and tried to strangle him but Walton fought with him to get away. Walton called the police but Plantalamor escaped on an inflatable dingy and the police were not able to chase after him. After the police left, Plantalamor returned to land but he has not been caught. The two had fought before but only verbally, and it had never gotten physical until that night.

It seems that the bad blood was caused by a dog. It seems that Plantalamor had a dog that he left a month ago at the marina. The son of Walton took the dog and began to care for him, giving him medicine, and taking him to get neutered. The paper is not clear on what exactly the situation was that caused Plantalamor to get so upset as to attack Walton over the dog.

Headline #2: Good Results, But They Were Hoping For Better

Summary: Monday marked the last day of the long weekend here in Mexico and many Mexicans came to the island to enjoy their vacations, but not as many as the island residents had hoped for. The business owners in El Centro report that there wasn’t much of a rise in their sales. This is best illustrated by the golf cart rental agencies who normally during Mexican vacation times report operating at 80% capacity, but this weekend only operated at 50%. There were not as many people on the beach as expected either, and those who were on the beach were mostly from Cancun, and are not big spenders.

Now they are hoping that Easter Week will bring many Mexican vacationers to the island.

Meanwhile the businesses on Hidalgo are angry that there are so many beach/sidewalk venders. They say that this hurts their business as people do not need to walk into town to buy souvenirs and they ask why there are so many people with permits to sell.

Headline #3: Aggression at the hands of Austrian diplomats

— Already Reported by TV Isla Mujeres—




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