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News Room Disclaimer: Everything written here is a translation of the news stories found in the sources mentioned below and is not the opinion of Up To Date Isla Mujeres.

Yesterdays Por Esto Headlines:

Headline #1: “Mysteriously” Murals at Multiple Use Court in Macro Plaza

Summary: The assault on the culture and traditions of Isla Mujeres continue with the “disappearance” of murals that had been donated in the last Festival of the Culture of the Mayan Caribbean. The murals were painted by artists from Distrito Federal. This isn’t the first time that Alicia Ricalde’s administration has disregarded the islands culture and traditions, if you’ll remember what they did with the monument to the turtles that was next to a certain Night Club, and is now just a parking lot.

The artists of Isla Mujeres want an explanation as to why the murals were erased. One of those artists is Álvaro Burgos who said “This is an attack on the culture of this town and it would be nice to know who gave the order to erase those murals that in principle should have been painted around the streets of Isla Mujeres, but because of the current administrations wishes, instead were painted in the Macro Plaza.”

Now they don’t know if the monument of Benemérito de las Américas, which was taken away to be replaced by a bigger one, will be donated to the Presidente Juarez Secondary School like was originally said. And the indignation grows every day. This last three year mayoral term never gave any support to the island culture or the arts. Some of the residents of the island are asking where the Virgen de Guadalupe sculpture is that had been ordered and at one time (literally only once) was seen on the malecon near Posada del Mar.

What’s certain is that in this place strange things happen and that in the area of the arts and culture this administration left much to be desired, and that they only helped out programs that had already been established; they never implemented any new programs in this area. But the good between the bad is that this administration is on it’s way out and one hopes that the incoming administration will pay attention to the arts and culture aspects of the island.

Headline #2: Destruction of the “Mangle” in Makax Lagoon Denounced

Summary: After last weeks article about the destruction of the mangle someone has brought to the attention of the paper, that the family of one of those who complained about the destruction is doing some destruction of their own. The “informant” is quoted as saying “they are accusing someone of cutting the mangle and his brother is filling the lagoon, and he is filling the lagoon and I think that it can’t be done, what’s more, go see how he’s cutting the mangle.”

The place they are speaking of is located where the colonia Miraflores started. “It’s full, and it’s been awhile that he’s been doing that and he has rooms for rent. I don’t know how his brother is opposing him, but it’d be better if he took his brothers side.”

It’s not a secret to anyone how badly mistreated the fragile ecosystem of the laguna is. This area is one of the most important areas during a hurricane because it is so protected. The cutting of the mangle and the filling of the lagoon not only hurts the ecosystem (fish breed there) but it takes away the protection that the lagoon offers in hurricane season. But while “Profepa” (the environmental protection agency) does nothing, the island suffers.

Headline #3: Islanders Unhappy about Energy Waste

Summary: The complaints about the streetlights that stay on 24  hours a day continue to come in. But now not only is it the street lights that stay on it’s now lights in the parks. The lights that light up one of the parks next to the gym in colonia Metereológica had been on for more than 3 days without being turned off. This also happens in some of the school yards and in the high school where you can see the lights on during the weekends. It’s the same with the area in front of Hacienda Mundaca and in the “dome” in La Gloria and on the walkways around the Macro Plaza in La Gloria. The residents have complained about this before but nothing was done, they hope this time someone will pay attention.

TV Isla Mujeres Headline:

Vice-Consul of Austria Assaults Woman on Isla Mujeres

Summary: Yesterday March 21, the vice consul of Austria, Christoph Reitinger and a one, Thomas Russ, assaulted a woman who was only trying to get them to pay for damages they had done to a golf cart.

The events happened in the golf cart and moped rental agency “Fiesta” located across the street from the Ultramar Ferry, next to the HSBC bank. Around 5:00pm the two men, accompanied by woman who may have been their wives brought back the golf cart that they had rented for the day. The woman in charge, Olga Guadalupe Paredes García, made the observation that there was a small scratch on the golf cart, but the two diplomats refused to take responsibility for the damage and instead chose to leave without their licenses. “They left and said that they didn’t care about leaving the licenses because they said it was no problem to replace them.” Said Parades Garcia. The woman thought the exchange was over and did not know that they were diplomats.

A few minutes later both foreigners returned without their “partners”, and with aggressive attitudes and a camera in hand. They tried to photograph the woman, who tried to evade the camera, the men became more aggressive until they started to hit her.

“I tried to avoid the aggression, I didn’t want to be photographed because I didn’t know who they were or what they were going to do with the pictures.” Said the woman.

One of the employees of the rental agency intervened and in the process got hit a few times as well. Finally the police showed up, and took away the two “diplomats” who up until this point were treated like any normal citizen. But when they were finally identified things changed. Parades Garcia says “since they were identified things changed, because even to me they said that they weren’t going to go ahead with charges and that it was better if I left things as they were.”

Both men were released a few hours later without even paying a fine. Parades Garcia says she doesn’t care about the damage to the golf cart but was hoping for justice in the case against her well being. The two “diplomats” were escorted to the ferry by the police after being released.



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