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News Room Disclaimer: Everything written here is a translation of the news stories found in the sources mentioned below and is not the opinion of Up To Date Isla Mujeres.

Por Esto Headlines:

Headline #1: They Haven’t Let Down Their Guard

Summary: The Navy operations continue here on Isla Mujeres. Yesterday morning a few minutes before 9:00am all of those getting off of the Ultramar Ferry were surprised when 20 Navy officers form two lines and one by one checked all the passengers getting off the boat. No one was taken into custody and nothing out of the normal was found but as the last passenger got off the boat and everyone thought the check was done, the Navy began checking everyone from Isla that was getting on the boat to cruise to Cancun. Nothing was found in this search either. Drug sniffing dogs were used.

At the same time that this was happening on the dock, other members of the Navy were patrolling the streets of El Centro.

These operations began on Thursday night when the Navy operatives closed down Av Juarez and searched the San Jorge hotel and it’s guests. The article says that one gun was confiscated but does not have many details, only that it was a pistol. It does not say where the gun was confiscated from or anything of that nature.

Some shops in El Centro have closed up for the time being out of fear of being caught since many on the island are aware of the ones that sell drugs. No one knows if the operations will continue or if this was a one time thing but many Isla residents applaud the work. They understand that the tranquility of Isla is what keeps people coming back to Isla amid the “drug war” fears being spread rampantly across the U.S. and Canada. The only thing they worry is that the operations might scare tourists that are not aware of what is happening and suggest that perhaps for the next time the Tourism Department could post bulletins in the hotels so let people know what is going on.

Headline #2: Good News For the Long Weekend

Summary: Isla residents are hoping for a rise in national tourism this weekend as it’s a long weekend. The island is seeing no lack of day trippers who come over on tours from Cancun or Cancun locals who come for the day. Many of those day trippers pass by the merchants on Av Rueda Medina, but not on Hidalgo and because of this the Hidalgo shops are suffering a bit. The restaurants located on the water’s edge on Av Rueda Medina are also doing well because of the day trippers. But again, because these day trippers pretty much stay on the beach and don’t walk into downtown the restaurants on Hidalgo have noticed a change in business.

The article reports that the establishments in El Centro are operating at 50% capacity and the hotels are reporting 60% occupancy. All are hoping that this long weekend will make the numbers go up a bit higher. Posada del Mar has already seen this, as they have had an influx of Mexican Nationals as guests check in for the weekend.

Headline #3: “Pulling of Alicias Ear” is Applauded

Summary: Report on the reactions of the different political parties on the island to the lawsuit against Alicia Ricalde. Carlos Pech Casillas, president of the PRD committee on Isla comments “No one is above the law, we all have to be responsible for our actions, and in the special case of the Mayor Alicia Ricalde Magaña, she will have to be responsible for her actions.”

The president of the PRI committee on Isla, Edgar Gasca Arceo, says “Here we will see how far of a reach the Commission has, and because of this situation, as a party we will be waiting to see something done. What I can say is that there are sufficient resources to ensure a trial with the Congress of the State.”

Pech Casillas, had more to say when he commented “it’s good that justice does exist and everything will come out into the open sooner or later and unfortunately for Alicia this all came out only a few days before she leaves office. Even though she says that she is the ‘messiah’ of the island, the truth comes out for all the islanders to see, they don’t remember how she caused problems between the islanders and don’t forget how she ordered an armed invasion against the supposed land invaders of the property of Benjamín de la Peña, which ended up with people being detained, but to those that she hired to perform the invasion nothing happened, and how good, I repeat that all of this is coming out into the public eye.”

Edgar Gasca Arceo was quick to point out that it’s important that everyone remember that what is happening right now is not a decision from the courts, but a recommendation that the situation be looked into more according to the evidence that has already been presented against her for human rights violations.


Headline #4: Yesterday Ends the Canine Vaccination Campaign

Summary: Yesterday, March 18th, marked the end of the vaccination campaign, and up until the point that the article was written 785 dogs had been vaccinated against rabies. This number does not reflect the amount of dogs that are actually on the island, but many of the dogs are street dogs with no owners. But the islanders responded well to this campaign, and many took their dogs to be vaccinated. The largest turnout was in La Gloria, which is where the majority of the dogs on the island live.

The Isla Animals Association deserves a special mention, which runs a dog shelter and takes care of the dogs that are put out on the street. They give a home, food and medical attention to the dogs and is located behind the convention center in El Centro (Next to Hotel Secreto). They also organize many campaigns and programs to help the animals and along with the island veterinarian, Delfino Guevara Collazo, has helped bring attention to animal protection laws.

There is an urgency to have a reliable census of all the feral cats and street dogs on the island to better know what municipality faces in terms of containing or even eliminating the problem.



– The Army confirms the detention of 3 people in the operations that occurred over the last few days. One of them being Maria de Jesús Alcuida who was caught just a few weeks ago with drugs


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2 Responses to News Room

  1. Adam B says:

    The Navy searches seem a little unnecessary, especially when they don’t find anything.

  2. uptodateisla says:

    Some seem to think that it gives the idea that the island is safer since they are being proactive about searching for drugs. Others think it scares the tourists.
    As an impartial third party we have no opinion. But it is interesting to watch them conduct the searches.. especially with those big guns they have!

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