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News Room Disclaimer: Everything written here is a translation of the news stories found in the sources mentioned below and is not the opinion of Up To Date Isla Mujeres.

Headline #1: Reverse for the Mayor

Summary: The lawsuit against the mayor for Human Rights Violations has been filed. With only a few more days of her term left, the lawsuit and the complaints continue on. There’s a lot of legal mumbo jumbo and quotes of the human rights law in Quintana Roo in this article, if anyone is really interested in knowing the law, leave us a comment and we’ll send you the translation. Other than that, the point of the article is that the lawsuit is happening, and that although there are only a few more days left in her term as Mayor, she will have to face the charges.

Headline #2: Surprise! Army Operation

Summary: Yesterday afternoon at 4:00pm The Quintana Roo Navy performed a surprise operation in different areas of the island simultaneously. The point of which was to look for drugs. One of the operations was performed in the bar “La Poza” located in El Centro across the street from Azteca Bank/Elektra, where no one was apprehended. It’s reported that there were about 20 men and a drug sniffing dog checking the bar.

There was another check on Av Rueda Medina where they took into custody a male somewhere between the age of 25 and 30, name and identity unknown.

Another operation was performed at the car ferry dock, by the Navy, who checked a truck full of Municipal Police, including the the Commander, and it seems that they left with one of the police officers guns, but that piece of information is not yet substantiated.

Headline #3: Devastation of Manglar

Summary: Many are upset over the damage done to the Manglar (protected plants) that surrounds the Laguna Makax. The latest devastation is a pathway 1.5 meters wide and more than 45 meters long. The entire Laguna is surrounded by mangler and serves as a refuge during hurricanes- the manglar is what protects it so well. The laguna and the manglar is part of a fragile ecosystem, which should be watched and guarded by Profepa (agency in charge of environmental protection) and it doesn’t seem like they are performing their job. Por Esto notes that anytime something like this happens, the authorities show up after the damage has already been done, and that people had complained about this while they were making the path, but no one paid attention to the complaints.

Headline #4: “Voluntary Quotas”

Summary: Families are expected to pay “voluntary quotas” for their children to attend school, but they quotas are not so voluntary. The primary school, Juan Sauri, is one of them. At the beginning of the school year, in order to not charge the “voluntary” fee,they added things such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies and paint to the students school list, but now halfway through the school year, the director of the school is now charging 250 pesos per  previously enrolled student. For new students at the beginning of the next school year the “voluntary” fee will be 300 pesos and if it is not paid, the children will not be allowed to enroll in school. This is causing a problem with the families and complaints have been made to make sure that this “fee” does not get approved.


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