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News Room Disclaimer: Everything written here is a translation of the news stories found in the sources mentioned below and is not the opinion of Up To Date Isla Mujeres.

Por Esto News Stories for Today:


Headline #1: Mountain of Trash Was Spilled

Summary: At approximately 12:45pm yesterday, the truck used to transport the garbage of Isla Mujeres Island to Isla Mujeres Continental Zone spilled a large amount of garbage on the road between the old Cablemas building and the gas station on the Caribbean side of the island. The spilling of the garbage almost caused an accident as there were two mopeds driving behind the truck, and when the garbage fell all over the road the two mopeds were forced to drive over it, causing them to lose balance and causing the tires of the to loose traction. Fortunately they were able to keep the mopeds upright. The driver of the truck did not realize what had happened and continued on to the ferry to bring the garbage over to the main land.

When Por Esto got to the site in question they found the skin of oranges and bottles over a 5 meter area on the road, but no one there to clean it up, the reason being (according to Por Esto) because many of those in charge of the public works offices on Isla Mujeres were on the Continental Zone attending a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Governor of the state of Quintana Roo.

Headline #2: No More Golf Carts

Summary: Yesterday morning the president of the “Union of Golf Carts Isla Mujeres,” Jesús Contreras, made a call to the appropriate authorities to stop the forming of new rental companies, when he found out that there are 4 more golf carts on their way to the island to be put into circulation as rentals. The leader of the union, who represents 12 companies, has said that he has spoken with those in charge of the rental companies that he represents as well as those in charge of Transit at the municipality and all of them are in agreement about what should be done. With the road construction, the traffic problems have increased on the island, but according to Contreras the problem had existed long before the road construction.

Isla Mujeres is only 15 kilometers long but already there are 600 golf carts, more than 150 taxis and more than 1000 motorcycles, the paper does not mention the number of personal cars/trucks there are on the island. But they do say that the island cannot handle more vehicles. Not only is it causing traffic problems, it could cause economic problems as it is pointed out that anytime the supply is higher than the demand (in this case for golf carts) everyone in the business suffers.

Contreras did not say what they would do if the golf carts were allowed to come to the island but he did warn that they did not want a confrontation and to cause a spectacle in front of tourists.

Headline #3: Public Services, From Bad to Worse

Summary: In just a few days the current administration will be out of office but there are a few pending issues that have not yet been addressed, one of which is the poor condition of the streets in the colonias. The streets of isla have been left in deplorable condition and whats worse is that it has caused problems for the residents of the island. Because of the large potholes many have broken mopeds or golf carts, or even health problems from falling or from mosquito bites because the potholes fill with water and never drain, leaving the perfect habitat for the pesky insect. Bad odors also occur when the water filled potholes are allowed to remain, and since the drains on the sides of the roads are filled up with dirt and plants and garbage, the water cannot drain like it should and remains in huge puddles in the streets.

The popular colonias of the island including but not limited to Lol Beh, El Cañotal, La Gloria, y La Salina  seem to have been forgotten by the current administration and are experiencing all of the problems mentioned above plus issues with street lights, issues with garbage pick up and issues with street dogs. The residents of these colonias don’t know who to talk to about fixing the problems but the best thing would probably be to wait until the new administration takes office, because the current one does not care. Until then the islanders will just have to learn to live with the issues. It has also been pointed out that the road on which the current mayor lives is well taken care of but all around the rest of the neighborhood the roads are in disrepair.



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