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Headline #1: “Safe Commerce” Program Happening

Summary: The municipal police have implemented a new program to address the rising complaints against the shops on Hidalgo. It will involve 10 police officers on foot and on bicycle who will be patrolling Hidalgo and the rest of El Centro “shopping district” to keep an eye out for shop keepers or shop workers who are harassing tourists. Since much of the disturbance comes from shop workers who have been drinking, the police have told the shop owners to make sure their employees are not drinking on the job. The article writer of the newspaper suggests that this job is not the responsibility of the local police but of the shop keepers who are allowing their workers to drink on the job, get drunk, and harass tourists walking by. What do you think?

Headline #2: “Regular” Shark Season *Fishing, not attack! ;-)*

Summary: The members of the fishing cooperative “Patria y Progreso”, which is located right by the secondary school has said that today they will be sending 7 tons of shark to the port of Progreso, Yucatan, where they process and then ship the shark to different parts of the world. Although fishing is and always has been an important part of Islas economy, this particular fishing cooperative has been known for their shark fishing and it’s very common to see the fisherman bringing shark in. One of the members of the fishing cooperative, Agapito Magaña Cantón, was quoted as saying that about every 2 weeks they send 6-7 tons of shark to Progreso. Fishing for shark guarantees them all a good living as there is a market for the product. They are also preparing for an increase in fish sales on Isla as we are in Lent, when many residents of the island do not eat red meat and instead eat fish.

Headline #3: Tourist Hurt After Crashing Motorcycle

Summary: A young man from South Korea crashed a moped into the guard rail on Ave Rueda Medina, past the baseball field, in the area known as the “Curve of the Devil” or “Curva del Diablo.” The young man was with a friend, and they were staying in Cancun, but on Isla for a day trip and decided to rent mopeds. While the young man, 20 years old, was being transferred to the Centro de Salud en El Centro, Por Esto was able to interview his travel companion. The travel companion told them that once they got off the ferry from Cancun they decided to rent mopeds and tour the island, as in their own country they use mopeds very often as their form of transportation. He said he has no idea what happened or why the moped crashed but that they were not speeding. The victim of the crash suffered contusions, cuts and scratches over almost his entire body.

Many are now suggesting that the government should put a stop to moped rentals and only rent to people who really know how to drive them. Tourists renting mopeds and then crashing them is a pretty common occurrence on Isla and it’s only by fortune that no one (tourist or local) has been killed yet.

Headline #4: Discontent with Profeco (aka whats up at the Turtle Farm)

Summary: After the releasing of almost all of the sea turtles in the Tortugranja earlier this week, the resident islanders are voicing their displeasure. One of them, Rafeal Burgos was quoted as saying “First of all they should study a little bit of the history of the island, since many boast to be isleños; the island is an example of sea turtle protection. A long time ago we lived off the fishing of sea turtles until the laws changed, for the better, to protect this animal. So I think they need to read or inform themselves because when someone has a responsibility like the protection and reproduction of sea turtles they need to be sure to do the work, and there (At the turtle farm) they have a large responsibility, and sometimes the people working there don’t have the capacity to do the job. Because of this, they have come to release the turtles, because they haven’t been following the laws.

It’s important to note that the turtle farm is still selling admission even though there are now only 4 turtles there. Albino ones that cannot be released into the wild. They are not informing tourists that there are no turtles left though, which is causing problems. And no one working there can explain what is going on.


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