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Por Esto News Stories for today:


Headline #1: Operation Against Sanitary Risks-

Summary: 80 establishments on Isla including restaurants, coctelerías, pescadería y cooperativas pesqueras will be supervised to make sure that they are not serving seafood that they should not be serving. Specifically barracuda because it can contain a toxin that causes gastrointestinal infections. The operation will be in effect from March 6th- April 8th with heightened supervision on the weekends.

Headline #2: Anti- Rabies Campaign Going On-

Summary: Between the 14th and 20th of March there will be a campaign going on to vaccinate animals against rabies. They will be setting up in a different area every day and having already done La Gloria on Monday and Salina Chica today, tomorrow they will be in Caridad del Cobre, Thursday in colonia Meteorológica and Friday at the Centro de Salud in El Centro. They will be in each spot from 8:00am until 3:00pm.

Headline #3: 12 Cases of Chicken Pox *Oh No! ;-)*

Summary: From the beginning of the year until now there have been 12 cases of Chicken Pox, 11 probable cases of Dengue and 30 cases of conjunctivitis. Isla has seen rising numbers of all three ailments compared to last year. All 12 chicken pox cases have been diagnosed clinically and out of the 12, 4 of the cases were adults. There have been no complications with any of the cases.

As far as the Conjunctivitis, 26 of the 30 cases were the bacteria type Conjunctivitis, they received a treatment of medication and a 3 day “isolation”.

The Dengue cases are only probable cases because they have taken samples from the infected persons but the results have not yet come back.

Headline #4: Rehearsals for the Representation of the Passion of the Christ have begun.

Summary: This past Monday night they began rehearsals. In charge of the representation of Jesus is Wenceslao Trejo Martínez and of Mary is Elizabeth Dzul. They are expecting the participation of 35 people. The actors have been chosen and they have signed their contract to do the part and the show will be performed from the 21st-24th of April ending the the resurrection of Jesus on the 24th and 10:00pm. Today they will be going to the Municipality to ask for economic support to buy the costumes for the characters, which they are expecting to cost 5000 pesos.

TVIsla Mujeres stories for today:

Source: TVIsla Mujeres on Facebook

Headline #1: Project for Marine Farms Advances-

Summary: Despite problems with the fishing cooperative Isla Blanca with the dispute over their Federal Zone permissions, the project to build a marine farm for fish is continuing with the first stage.

Headline #2: Turtle Farm At Risk-

Summary: The future of the turtle farm could be at risk. Last weekend PROFEPA (Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente, aka the agency in charge of protecting the environment) released almost all of the turtles that were at the turtle farm.  Irma Moguel Larriva the director of Parks and Museums on Isla Mujeres said that the PROFEPA inspectors arrived on Friday night and requested the release of various species of turtle, citing a law that says they cannot be held in captivity. 53 turtles in all were released, both juveniles and adults, leaving only albino and injured turtles.


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