We’ve moved the blog

We’ve moved our blog to a site that allows us to do a little bit more and we’re really excited because that means we can add new features to the blog.

We just wanted to let everyone know– save www.uptodateislamujeres.com/blog as the new up to date isla blog link.

From now on all the posts will be on that blog so come on over and join us there !

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Isla Etiquette

Been to Isla plenty of times but still have a question about some random situation you sometimes find yourself in? Or are you a first timer and have lots of questions about how things are on Isla? Bring them to us! We’d love to write a post answering your questions because chances are you aren’t the only one who’s wondering what the answer is.

Today we’ll talk about tipping. The first time this question was presented, we were a bit shocked because we always assumed that people knew to tip like they would tip in the U.S. But we’ve actually come across a number of people who were unsure what the appropriate amount to tip would be.

It’s a touchy subject to begin with, so we’ll try to go about things delicately. Most people would agree that there are 3 main percentages that people tip in the U.S.

10%- things weren’t so great but it was ok

15%- things were good

20%- everything was awesome

We took a poll at the office here and the majority of us were 20% tippers all the time unless something went horribly wrong. We are probably 20%ers because most of us have worked in the service industry and we know how important tips are 😉

When someone asks us what the appropriate amount to tip is, we usually say 20% without hesitation, only because tips are so important to many of the people on the island. Think of the maleteros (we all know and love Fidel) who work only on tips, no salary, just tips! Many waiters salaries are 50 pesos per day, which barely covers their taxi to and from work, and maybe a coke during the day. So they too are dependent on your tips. They work hard all day long in the heat to make sure that people are happy with their food and drinks and are having a good time. We feel like the least people can do is tip appropriately.

Some people aren’t 20% tippers though, or maybe the service was a little off. There’s nothing wrong with tipping less if 20% wasn’t merited.

But tip etiquette is the same on Isla as it would be in the U.S. and since you’re on vacation and you’re feeling good, and the islanders are working hard to make sure you’re having a good time, it might not hurt to tip an extra dollar here or there 😉

What do you think? Agree, disagree, have no opinion at all but just want to leave a random message? That’s all fine! Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts 🙂

Got any Isla etiquette questions, leave a comment!

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Yay it’s Friday! It’s been a long week for us here, what with all of our computer issues, but it’s Friday and it’s time to relax.

One of our favorite places to go for a night out on the town is La Luna.

picture taken from La Luna's facebook page

We love this place, they always have great music playing (most of the time a live band), the prices are reasonable the drinks are good and we usually meet one or two really fun people while we’re there.

Check it out!

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On why we don’t go to Cancun

Well good news, we’ve managed to solve the news issue, and even when we’re relegated back to the iPhone we will be able to bring you the news. There’s one catch.
It will be posted on this blog.

The short and sweet version of why, is because we cannot edit our website on the iPhone. There is of course a more technical explanation but it doesn’t really matter.

We’re sure there a bunch of our readers wondering why in earth we just don’t march ourselves on over (or in this case boat? ourselves) to Cancun and buy ourselves a new charger.. well because we just don’t want to.

Once you live on Isla long enough you just don’t want to go to Cancun anymore. Until there comes that day when you just NEED to go to Cancun, whether it’s because your Cancun list is so long that you just can’t stand it anymore, or because you haven’t stepped foot off the island in the past 4 months and you’re going stir crazy. We are facing neither one of those situations.

Going to Cancun can be refreshing, but most of the time it’s like stepping into the gates of hell. Traffic, buses, death by heat, and then lugging all your purchases back to Isla is something we put off as long as we possibly can, and we know many others who do the same. Of course, sometimes it doesn’t get any better once you get to Isla.. the time that the Ultramar workers dropped all of our purchases into the ocean as they were unloading the boat comes to mind.

So our faithful readers, in light of the evidence. Cancun (and the computer charger) will just have to wait.

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Weather Report

Weather Report: Bright and Sunny

Temperature: 79 F as of 9:01 am

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We Need a Volunteer!

As you all know we’ve been having some technical difficulties lately, mostly because our computer charger has decided not to work anymore.

We managed to conseguir (spanish word, means “to obtain”) a computer charger for today, but we have a sneaking suspicion the person we borrowed it from will want it back and we will be banished back to the iphone until we feel like going to Cancun to get a new charger *hint, the urge to go to Cancun may not happen for awhile*

Anyway, we want to continue bringing you the daily news and updates but unfortunately the Poresto.net site doesn’t work so well with the iphone. We could go into detail as to why, but it really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that we can do the news if someone is willing to send us the Por Esto page that has all of the Isla news stories on it on a daily basis. It’s the same link that we provide as a source when we write up the translations.

If anyone is interested in helping us out leave a comment or write us an email using our contact form on the website, or at uptodateisla@gmail.com

We’d really appreciate the help, and so would all of our readers 🙂

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Weather Report

Weather Report: Loverly

Temperature: 79 F as of 8:12 am

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